In a Hotspot section you add an image, and the candidate clicks on the correct place in the image. 

When you're in the tab Itembank you can create items. Click on Create new section.

Choose Hotspot and click on Create section.

Section name: Write the name of the item.

Instructions: Write the instructions of the item. E.g "Read the question and answer by clicking in the picture."

Section text: This is often a text or dialogue the candidates should read and answer questions about.

Language: Make sure you use correct language. Change by using the drop down menu.  

Section info: Information about the section. 

Additional files: Sound, video or image files are uplaoded in the section. In Additional files you can upload other files like a PDF you want the candidate to download. 

Remember to Save.

Click the image icon to upload the image in which the candidates should click. 

When you have uploaded an image, fill in the question. To mark the correct area, click on the black tool.

Drag the marked area to the correct spot, and adjust it so it covers the area it is supposed to. Click Save at the bottom when you have finished. 

To make it easier to make test set ups you can tag each item. 

Read about uploading sound, images or video files here.