If you want the system to randomly select items to a setup you must use the Generated test template. The first thing you need to do is to name the test and then save the changes. 

When using this template you have to create rules that the system will rely on when choosing items. If this is going to work, you need to make sure you have tagged the items. It might be necessary to have an information page at the beginning, this is created in Write/ Item bank like the other items. To add this information page, or other pages you want in all setups, click on Add rule and choose Specific section.

The items you have created in the Item bank will show, use the Filter to search for the spesific item you want. Click on it and the click Add at the bottom. 

After you have added the desired specific item you can start adding the generated sections. Click on Tag rule. Write the number of

items the system is going to choose based on the different tags you select. Start writing in the Tag search box and add a tag. Then choose which of the alternatives that will be the valid alternative. Below the system will find 5 items from Level A1 and either Listening, Reading or Language use. I will have to choose one of them before I add the tag rule.

Add more rules until you are sure you have enough tasks for the examination paper.

You also have to choose what kind of theme you want the test to have, and the number of examination papers that will be generated. The candidates will be handed one of the generated examination papers.

You will find the generated setups in Write /Tests. You can open the tests to see which items have been selected.