All the items in the item bank are searchable and when you are starting to get a lot of content, it is good to filter the items and choose what to work on. The item bank could look like this before the filtering. 


To find a particular item it is easiest to start by writing the name of the item in the search field. 

It can also be useful to find all the items in a specific format. Use the drop-down menu and choose which section type you want to look at. 

If you have tagged the items you can also filter by these.

It is possible to use all these three filter possibilities with each other and at the same time. In the filter above, I can, for example, choose to also filter section type and only show Choose text/picture-items.


A continuation of filtering is to make collections. The benefit of making collections is that you can work with a selected group of items throughout the day without having to filter every time. You can create a collection based on a filter or by checking off selected items. Here you can see that the collection based on a filter has 4 items, while in a collection based on chosen there are no items. 

When I click on Create collection based on a filter I get this pop-up. I have to give the collection a name and save.

Here I have 4 different collections. Click on the sprocket to be able to set a collection to be the active filter. You can scroll through one item at a time without getting items from outside of the collection. 

You can also print out a transcript from a collection. Choose a language from the drop-down menu and check off for the points you want to have in the report. Then click Create report and a file will download to your computer.