In a Click text section the candidate is presented with a question and several images or texts, they should choose the right image/text. 

When you're in the tab Itembank you can create items. Click on Create new section.

Choose Click text and click on Create section.

Section name: Write the name of the item.

Instructions: Write the instructions of the item. E.g "Read the question and answer by clicking at the right answer."

Section text: This is often a text or dialogue the candidates should read and answer questions about.

Language: Make sure you use correct language. Change by using the drop down menu.  

Section info: Information about the section. 

Additional files: Sound, video or image files are uplaoded in the section. In Additional files you can upload other files like a PDF you want the candidate to download. 

Remember to Save.

Fill in the question and the right answer. The alternatives can be either texts or images. In this case I would use images of a clock. Remember to mark one alternative as correct. 

To make it easier to make test set ups you can tag each item. 

Read about uploading sound, images or video files here.