When you have created a test you can add candidates. Go to Tests, then Setups. Choose the test you want to add candidates to. This is what a test without candidates looks like. 


When you click Add candidate there are two options: Candidate search and Create candidate. You can search for candidates with name or ID number, but the best way is to use the username given by Flexite!Exam. To prevent duplicates it is wise to do a search for the candidate to see if he/she is registered in the system.


If the candidate is not registered, click Create candidate.

Fill out all mandatory fields in General details. Mandatory fields are marked with red and becomes blue when they are OK. In the right column, Details, you need to fill out at least one ID number. Passport number is the only field that is not formatted. It can be used when needed. 

When all mandatory fields are completed, click Create.

The new candidate is added to the list. 


Remember to download usernames and passwords before the test.