From Test center, you can create new users. You do this by clicking the tab for Users and then Create user.

Here you need a name, an e-mail, and a cell phone number to the new user. 

Then you need to choose which user role the user will have, meaning what function/rights this person will have in PAD.

  • Local admin - Has full access to all of PAD. Can administrate candidates, tests, create users etc.
  • National administrator - Has access to the start page, with an overview of today´s and upcoming tests. Also has the access to the candidate overview. Does not have the access to test administration (creating and editing tests), and not to the Test center-page.
  •   Examiner/marker  - In PAD there is an own module for examinators/sensors for oral exams. These can log into and get access to this module, which gives them access to set grades on all their candidates on oral exams. They do not have access to other parts of PAD. Note that the examinator must be put in as an examinator or sensor on a specific test to be able to see the candidates on their overview. 

Choose one or more roles the user will have and Save. The user is then saved in the list of registered users on the test center. This can at any time be edited by clicking the name. Then the same box will open, and you can do the necessary changes, and then Save.

Once the user is created, you can click on Send credentials. Then the user will get an SMS/e-mail with their username and password to the system. If users in PAD, later on, forget their username or password, this function can easily be used to send the info again.